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At Claremont, we’re all family.


Family Operated

Claremont Retirement Village is a family business. Family is at the center of everything we do because we believe people grow and thrive when they feel like they are part of a loving, caring family.

So at Claremont, we’re all family.

This warm, friendly culture is felt from the moment you walk through our doors.

Patrick Bismuth

Patrick Bismuth

Managing Director

Patrick is the Managing Director here at Claremont Retirement Village and on most days, you will find him taking his morning jog around our campus, dining with residents, or participating in one of our many activities. Over a decade ago, Patrick made the decision to honor the dedication his mother Lily demonstrated to those closest to her. Originally born in Montreal, Canada, he migrated to Florida to start Lily’s Promise in 2013.

He graduated from UCLA’s Andersen Business School with a Master’s in Business Administration. In the early part of his career, Patrick worked as a computer analyst, traveling the world and providing computer expertise to Fortune 500 companies looking to upgrade their information systems. He started his own computer consulting company at the age of 28.

15 years ago he shifted to real estate ventures. Specializing in turning around poorly performing real estate properties. In 2008 Patrick was looking for a way to apply his business talents to a socially significant industry. That’s when he got involved in the turnaround of Claremont Retirement Village here in Columbus, Ohio. Once completed, Patrick turned his efforts to growing Lily’s Promise in Florida. In the Spring of 2018, Patrick made the decision to come back to Claremont, bringing his “family first” inspirational approach with him.

Our Leadership Team

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Christian Cottrell, MBA, BSN, RN

Executive Director

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Zach Hazlett

Director of Operations

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Courtney Britton, LPN

Director of Nursing

Deb Lacboni

Deb Iacoboni

Director of Marketing

Trish Lawhun

Trish Lawhun

Business Office Manager

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Kelly Blue

Dining Services Director

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Jason Augustus

Maintenance Director

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Kadi Pratt

Activities Director

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